Vertical integration

Utilize the opportunities provided by the commercial XTN Hub.

Smart grid

Government (de)regulated market. Digitalizing and restructuring.


The balance thinking is turned “upside down”. Lower peak load demand.


Readily developed for commercial operations.

“Energy a la Carte at Household Site” – Transition to the Renewable Society – The 4th Industrial Revolution

Dear fellow CEO

Do you need a Hub for balancing Renewables to fulfill the “Declaration of Coordination and Cooperation in the North Sea Energy Challenge”, in short The North Sea in Focus: Hub for Renewable Power and Gas Production – ie. the 4th Industrial Revolution to counter the change in the industry due to disrupting market forces?

Then, I am happy to present to you XTN Group which is the Game Changer in the energy industry being 5 years ahead of all competitors – we started this Development in house 5 years ago.

XTN’s commercial digital business model with “block chain” technology for consumer payments give consumers individual choice of energy form from the energy mix of electricity/gas/distant heating/hydrogen (fuel cell) based on the self developed datahub XTN Hub which empowers the consumers.

The XTN Hub holds a patent application with the European Patent Office and Deloitte has done the Due Diligence of the XTN system

XTN complies with the following regulations from the EU Commision and UN:

and still making more Money than in the existing market

All energy forms especially Gas, are used as “battery” in the grid for balancing Demand / Response, particularly renewables like wind and solar.

Consumer premiums of renewables in addition to the market price, is transferred to the producer of the energy form minus 2% which remains in XTN where the producer will be a share holder and which also has priority in selling its agreed energy form into the system.

The Business Plan calls for only 1-2 energy producers of each energy form as co-owners per country channeling its energy form to many retailers. Further the Business plan calls for this as the only way to get to use the XTN system.

This creates the real foundation for Smart City (Smart Home) which will have a significant impact on energy Companies.

If you are interested please call or mail me: +4791325804 or [email protected] and I will send you the relevant documents for your evaluation to join XTN Group as co-owner which will facilitate your use of the XTN system according to the business plan. Currently I have market caps in the range between USD20mil.-USD200mil..

Yours Sincerely

Bjorn Bekkevold

Chairman of the Board

Appointed member of the Advisory Committee of European Utility Week 2017




which gives the solution to the goals from the Paris Summit and a market leading position through disruption of existing market structure



The ongoing market revolution needs a solution based on empowering consumers with a datahub that provides the functionality and the flexibility the market needs due to EU Commisions regulations of (1) decoupling infrastructure from the energy content and (2) decoupling gas prices from the oil link and (3) unbundling energy production from energy distribution

There are 2 datahubs in the world today. One of them is the XTN Hub which is Connected at the energy content side (where the margins are) with a patent application to the European Patent Office. The other one is connected on the infrastructure side


XTN is a Game Changer in the Energy Industry since:

– XTN is an “Automatic Purchasing Machine for Consumers” of electricity, gas and heat with producers as co-owners, where   consumer can choose a mix of energy forms which fits consumer’s individual values and where the price premiums from consumer values are transferred to the producing co-owners providing an extra margin.

– XTN is a Demand Side Management System balancing Demand/Response by utilizing the three energy forms under one umbrella: electricity, gas and heat.

– XTN is a Demand Side Management system as decided by the EU Commision 5. november 2013

– XTN complies with the EU Commissions 3. energy package unbundling Distribution from Production

– XTN complies with the EU Commisions recommendation of 22. january 2014 to the European Parliament.

leading to the low carbon society

XTN is not a company providing IT services to outside customers rather it is an energy company itself inviting energy producers as co-owners with the right mix of energy forms which will be benefitting from the system “Energy a la Carte at Household Site”


New energy streams in the world – Driving forces

When driving forces are changing in an industry so must the operators in the industry change.

In the energy industry the driving forces are so heavy causing changes only the Americans can formulate: “Game changer – Disrupt the energy industry and drive it into the new paradigm”.

So, what driving forces are we seeing in the energy industry today creating new energy streams in the world?

–          The energy industry consists of separate markets creating analog demand/response challenges within each of the markets

–          Shale gas is becoming in abundant supply first in the US then later in Europe to an extent that the US will be self sufficient of energy going into an export position (LNG) lowering the prices in the current European gas market.

–          The Nordic region, one of the heaviest producing regions of clean energy is going into a surplus position with sharply dropping prices due to green certificates that stimulates new renewables on top of existing renewables and not enough cables for exporting to the European continent ie.”locked in energy”.

–          Consumers are being angry due to high prices caused by duties and not having a choice of energy form. Introducing capacity markets which will sharply increase consumer prices will even further backfire on inabel governments. Demand/Response must be taken care of by a system that do not cause even higher prices. Governments that do not see this will face problems in the next election.

–          Consumers are being more and more concerned with climate change – environmental changes and global warming and the inability of governments to do something about it, especially when consumers cannot go out of their appartements due to health hazards


So, what are the solution to all this? That is to exploit the EU Commisions decisions: (1) pack to unbundle distribution from production; (2) the decision of 5. November 2013 to solve the Demand/Response with Demand Side Management; (3) the proposal to the EU Parliament to let the market solve the challenges. All based on EUs 4 liberties.


This exploitation leads to the natural solution to manage the Demand/Response challenge by looking at all energy markets – electricity, gas, heat – under the same umbrella and to empower the consumers to manage the system by price at their door step – to give the consumers a choice of energy form – ie Balancing Demand / Response with Multiple Energy Forms at Household Site

The missing link

Hence, we are facing the need for: A missing link between Producer and Prosumer where the Prosumer both consumes different forms of energy at their doorstep at their choice commensurate with their values as well as producing different forms of energy commensurate with their values. The key here is “values” not “price”.

XTN Group is such a Missing link between Producer and Prosumer with its ready to go Demand Side Management system “Energy a la Carte at Household Site” after 7 years of Development.

To find out more please read the following pages and make contact through the contact page at the end

Presentation ”Disrupt or Be Disrupted” given by Founder & CEO Bjorn Bekkevold at section “Energy Revolution Europe” at European Utility Week in Barcelona 15.-17. November 2016

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Bjørn Bekkevold gave the presentation “The Impact on the Utility of the Smart Communities Developments – a pilot project to be launched in Germany 1H2016” at “European Utility Week” in Vienna on 5th November 2015
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Presentation at Norwegian Investment Forum 14.10.2014

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“Energi” – Norways largest professional energy publication and sister publication to DN, Norways largest yellow financial business paper, published Bjorn Bekkevold and the XTN Group at 23. January 2014

Bjorn Bekkevold/XTN Group was key note Speaker at National Power & Electricity Summit in Dublin 29th January 2014

XTN Group was key note speaker on the subject “Energy a la Carte at household site” at the conference European Utility Week in Amsterdam 15.-17. October 2013 with 8.000 participants.

Bjorn Bekkevold/XTN Group was speaker at the conference SmartUtilities Scandinavia in Stockholm 17.-18. april 2013
Balancing Demand / Response through Consumer Pricing”

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